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September 1, 2008

Thumb Surgery Complications

Our oposable thumb is our most important appendage, it’s what separates us from most other animals.  As a result, pursuing an operation can be scary as thumb surgery complications can have disastrous results.  This blog entry will focus on a few thumb surgery complications.

The most popular thumb surgery is for basal joint arthritis.  A tendon transplant is common, where one of the hand bones is removed and a tendon is coiled up and sewn in it’s place.  In this type of surgery, the biggest complication is infection.  If this operative site were to get infected, than IV antibiotics would be needed for many weeks.  Another thumb surgery complication is chronic pain.  This is a small joint with very fine movements, any movement of the tendon graft out of place can have disasterous results.  How do you get around these complications?  Just don’t go there!  For an alternative to possible thumb surgery complications, consider an injection of stem cells into the basal joint.


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