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December 14, 2008

Patella Tendon Repair and Rehab

The patellar tendon is the duct tape that holds the quadriceps muscle to the knee cap and attaches that bone to the tibia.  Patella tendon repair and rehab is all about how agressively you need to treat the tendon.  A complete tendon rupture needs surgery to reconnect the tendon.  However, a partial tear is a different story.  While this could be treated with surgery, newer treatments allow for more activity.  For example, to treat a partial patella tendon tear, an injection of stem cells (see link above) can allow for much less down time, no immobilization, and less needed rehab.

Rehab for this problem should focus on strengthening the quadriceps and hip girdle musculature.  However, we have seen many patients who have significant trigger points in the quadriceps.  These often prevent effective strengthening of the muscle.  An easy way to clear these trigger points is with IMS


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