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January 4, 2009

Ligament Tear Symptoms

Ligament Tear Symptoms

Ligament Tear Symptoms

What are ligament tear symptoms? Think of ligaments as the duct tape that holds your bones and joints together. What happens when the duct tape gets stretched or gets torn? In this case, the duct tape (your ligaments) don’t hold the joint together, allowing for too much movement. While the area of the ligament tear can hurt and swell, once that initial several weeks of healing is over, if the duct tape hasn’t mended completely, the joint can be left unstable (read moving around too much). This instability can cause popping, clicking, and/or further swelling and pain in the joint. Over a few months to years, this can cause arthritis to develop much more quickly. How do you fix this ligament issue? Surgery is a possibility, but a bit more traumatic than the repair needs to be in most instances. A newer method is injecting your own stem cells into the ligament to get it to heal. The ligament grades above show that grade 1 and 2 are when the ligament is stretched or partially torn, grade 3 is completely torn. This stem cell treatment works best in grades 1 and 2. If you have a grade 3 tear, then surgery may be the only answer at this point.


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