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January 11, 2009

Plantar Fasciitis Foot Brace


plantar fascia support brace

plantar fascia support brace


As a doctor, I have seen many patients have a difficult time understanding plantar fasciitis. Think of the plantar fascia as a piece of duct tape that travels along the bottom of your foot from your heel to the bottom of your toes.  It’s job is to support the normal arch in your foot, especially when you put weight on the foot.   As this piece of duct tape (plantar fascia) gets too much stress (due to extra weight on the person or too much force from changes in the way the foot moves), the heel area where it attaches can get easily overloaded and become painful.  A plantar fasciitis foot brace is therefore simple, it’s something that helps reduce the extra stress on the duct tape.  However, rather than bracing the plantar fascia, we often find that it’s much more effective to fix the problem.  How?  We strengthen the duct tape!  That can be as simple as taking the patients own adult stem cells and injecting them into the heel area under x-ray guidance (we numb the area first so it’s not uncomfortable).  This allows that heel anchor point to become much stronger and the pain to go away.  Click on the link about to learn more about this type of procedure.

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