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September 22, 2010

Ehler Danlos Syndrome Treatment

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While we have seen a few patients through the years with Ehler Danlos Syndrome (EDS) variants or simply hypermobile tissue (patients that have very loose joints) without a confirmed diagnosis, I recently was asked by a severe EDS patient to consider prolotherapy for her frequently dislocating joints. EDS is a disease where the collagen (the stuff that holds our joints together) isn’t normal and is made by the body¬†much too stretchy (see above picture). In it’s most severe forms, these patients can barely walk or be active without dislocating a joint. They tend to have¬†arthritis at an early age due to the extra motion in their joints. This patient was in her early 20’s and unable to walk more than 20 steps without her left hip dislocating. She wore special rings on her fingers just to keep her finger joints from poping out of place. She wanted to try prolotherapy on the theory that it would beef up her already loose tissue, laying down thicker tissue or more of the same stretchy stuff, but maybe enough to keep her joints more in place. I was skeptical, but she had no other options. I’m happy to say that after several x-ray guided prolotherapy injections in her left hip and the surrounding tendons she now reports that she can walk through a home depot without the need for her scooter and has had a record low number of hip dislocations this past month. The theory here seems to be correct, that in severe EDS patients injecting substances that have been shown to “beef-up” tissue may give them anough added stability to function better.

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