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January 10, 2009

Mcdavid elastic ankle braces


mcdavid elastic ankle brace

mcdavid elastic ankle brace



As a doctor with an ankle problem, I like most of the Mcdavid elastic ankle braces that use both a hard shell component to add stability and elastic to allow movement.  However, if you have an ankle problem like mine, why not get rid of the brace?  New non-surgical treatments where the doctor injects your own stem cells into the ankle ligament tear to heal it should allow you to get rid of the Mcdavid elastic ankle brace for good.  In this procedure, your own adult mesenchymal stem cells are isolated and then grown to bigger numbers.  They are then injected under x-ray guidance into your torn ankle ligaments.  After this break-through procedure, you can wear a brace for a few weeks, but continue playing and working out while the ligaments heal.  Maximum healing is 6-12 weeks.  You can come out of the Mcdavid elastic ankle brace after just a month.  Why go through all of this?  An unstable ankle eventually damages the cartilage in the ankle and leads to early arthritis.  So what’s a pain in the ankle now, will be severe arthritis in 20 years, unless you get the ankle ligaments fixed.  Think of these ligaments as duct tape that holds your ankle bones together.  When that duct tape is torn, it needs to be fixed, not braced.


Ankle support in london?

As a physician, you might say that I have an American MD specializing in Regenerative Medicine and a “doctorate of hard knocks” in ankle braces.  When I came across people searching for “Ankle support in london” I had to throw in my two cents.  I don’t live in London, far from it, I’m in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.  If you’re looking for an ankle support brace, I can tell you first hand that I’ve tried them all.  The winner?  The Malleoloc.  However, my quest for the perfect ankle support didn’t end there, I then tried prolotherapy which allowed me to get rid of the ankle support brace.  This technique involves injecting substances into the ankle ligaments to kick off an inflammatory healing response.  This worked pretty well, even allowed me to take a run every once in a blue moon.  What would I do today instead of the ankle support?  I’d try this cutting edge procedure where they inject your won stem cells into the ankle ligaments to heal and repair the damage.  The video below shows a patient where this was done in the U.S.:

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